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“If only I had known about you earlier.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “if only” from people when they learn that I am a personal historian. All too often, it is only after a beloved family member has passed away that we realize we have lost part of ourselves—our history and our connection to the past that help define who we are. A person’s story is a priceless gift to children, grandchildren, and future generations.

I help families honor loved ones by recording and preserving their life stories—as memoir books, oral histories, and documentary videos. I also help businesses document their histories as a strategic business tool to develop customer loyalty, retain and inspire the best employees, and honor their founders and leaders. If you need a family historian, business historian, oral historian, video producer, editor, ghostwriter, memoir writer, or book publisher, Story Trust can help. — David G. O’Neil

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Story Trust In The NewsStory Trust has received press from the likes of The New York Times, Kiplinger’s, NBC, Reuters, and more.


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David G. O'NeilDavid has over 20 years of professional writing, editing, publishing, and media production experience.


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I guarantee that you will enjoy sharing this book with toddlers who are just learning the words for parts of the body.

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Ethel Sinofsky is, at age 93, a first-time author and great-grandmother many times over. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, she worked as a display artist and designer, and created greeting cards for Rustcraft Greeting Card Co. Ethel is a woman of many talents: a gifted watercolorist; a punster and poet; an associate craftsman in the metalworker’s guild at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, designing and making jewelry; a loving and devoted mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend; and a wicked bridge player.

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